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 Bailey Foundation - Part Two.

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PostSubject: Bailey Foundation - Part Two.   Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:22 pm

While I would never want to post disparaging remarks about an organization trying to find safe spaces for parrots or other animals after they have been surrendered, it has come to my attention that The Bailey Foundation is no longer operational.

For the information that I've been directed to, the woman running the rescue has been charged with multiple (somewhere upwards of 40) counts of animal abuse and/or neglect. If anyone would like to see the link to the Avian Avenue thread regarding this, I will provide it.

I am really very heartbroken about this. When I adopted CB, the individual I worked with was very professional, helpful, and seemed to really care for the birds she was attempting to place. We had even emailed back and forth with updates about CB in the months following his adoption. It's really sad for me to think that CB could have been subject to this type of care had I not adopted him.
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Bailey Foundation - Part Two.
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