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 1st Annual Edmonton Pet Parrot Association Show (2015)

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1st Annual Edmonton Pet Parrot Association Show (2015) Empty
PostSubject: 1st Annual Edmonton Pet Parrot Association Show (2015)   1st Annual Edmonton Pet Parrot Association Show (2015) EmptyFri Oct 24, 2014 9:27 pm

Hi all,

Not really sure if anyone is still around at all but I thought I would try to get your assistance, if possible.

My local bird club, The Edmonton Pet Parrot Association (EPPA) is planning a Spring 2015 bird show that we hope will become an annual event, as it is becoming too expensive to attend the local Pet Expo every year.  Toward that end, I am looking for input from other "bird people" as to what you you look for in a good bird show.

As it stands we are planning to have some of our members there with there birds to interact with the crowds, pose for pictures and provide information.  We are also going to have some suppliers and local vendors there to sell some of their wares. Additionally we are hoping to have some local breeders to talk to interested bird owners.  We plan to have some kind of a draw and are also thinking about some kind of a show for people to enter their birds, for ribbons or prizes for best bird, etc.

Is there anything else that anyone can think of that we should or could have that would help make it a success?  We have discussed having learning seminars in the future if we can get this thing off the ground, but I don't think we are ready for that just yet, as this is the first show.

Any ideas or input is welcome!  Thank you in advance for your expertise.  I have noticed that Paradise has become quite a ghost town.  Hopefully someone will check in and see this  pray.
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1st Annual Edmonton Pet Parrot Association Show (2015)
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