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 Swap Meet subforum.

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PostSubject: Swap Meet subforum.   Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:24 pm

You may or may not have noticed that there is a new subforum within the Classified forum. This subforum, called Swap Meet, is intended to work similarly to FreeCycle. For those members who do not know what FreeCycle is, it is a local group that posts items that are unable to be used by their current owner for various reasons. These items still have life left in them and the current owners don't want to see them end up in already overfilled landfills, so they are posted for free within the group.

Swap Meet is governed by the PLP Terms and Conditions and by the Classified Rules and Guidelines. Forum involvement only extends so far as to detail the type of items that can be listed in these sections. Parrot Lovers Paradise and the Admin and Moderation crew do not have any involvement in any sale or trade afterwards. We advise you to read the forum guidelines before posting; all items not following these rules will be deleted without warning.

Further, I'm expecting there to be shipping charges within the Swap Meet subforum due to the fact that most of us span North America and, in the case of idlepirate, Europe. For the Swap Meet subforum, I prefer that shipping charges are the only charges put on these items. The Classified forum is where you would post the actual sale of items.

For example, if I were to have a harness that I know I can't use and would like to give away, I would make a post in the Swap Meet section saying something like "Feather tether harness, tried a few times, wrong size for my bird(s). $4 to cover shipping." If I were to do something similar to what patdbunny was doing with the Aviator harness, I would post that either in the Classified section or in the Steals & Deals.
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Swap Meet subforum.
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