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 Anyone else in the mood for cookies?

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Indian Ringneck

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PostSubject: Anyone else in the mood for cookies?   Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:47 am

Hello my dear friends!

I can't guarantee that this will be much more than a quick in to say hello and that I am, in fact, very much alive!

So, since my last visit a lot has happened (I see there was a car accident! I didn't check dates but man do I hope you're doing better and the fids are taking to you again!)

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant! Reading all I can about introducing human fids to fids. My son has decided he will be an over achiever and be measuring what a 35 week term baby would be. Yes, he's is a giant.

I took on work, I just finished up that work...I'm trying to get back to being...centered again before the little bundle gets here.

And I missed you guys, so I thought I would stop by and say hey! (and that dear goodness I want cookies!)

If you want to find me on Facebook, you are more than welcome to, I just don't know how much online time I'll have...soon. LOL

So, fill me in, tell me the happenings (let me grab my tea first!)
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Hyacinth Macaw

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone else in the mood for cookies?   Sat Jan 19, 2013 2:23 pm

congratulations! Good to hear from you!
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Anyone else in the mood for cookies?
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